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Online Poll

Hi there... I know this is going to be strange, because I can't really do a poll the normal way one does on the web, so I'll have to ask you to copy and past the questions into your email program (or if your browser supports e-mail, click here after copying and past the text there).

Anyway... I've got some ideas for what I want to do in the way of improvements for this site, but I want feedback from the people who are actually using it. This is going to be an ongoing poll, which I'll tally the results on every month or so to gauge what you are most interested in.


Question 1:

Which do you enjoy the most on this site? A. The comic book covers and plots B. The ads from the comics C. I like both equally.

Question 2:

Which would you prefer in the future? A. Keep the ads with the comics they appeared in. B. Seperate areas for the comics covers/plots and the ads. C. I don't care either way.

Question 3:

Which version of the site are you using? A. Frames B. No Frames C. I alternate

Question 4:

Do you use the ads index (where the ads on the site are listed in alphabetical order)? A. Yes. B. No.

Question 5:

How often have you visited this site? A. First time B. Two or three times. C. I check it every two months D. I check it monthly. E. I'll subscribe to the mailing list and check it out every time you add to it.

Question 6:

How few comics in a series is an acceptable minimum for adding to the site (this refers to adding a title not currently on the site)? A. Two. B. Three to Five. C. Six to Ten. D. Eleven or more

Question 7:

How few comics in a series is an acceptable minimum to adding to a title that's already present on the site? A. One. B. Two or Three. C. Four or Five. D. Six to Ten. E. Eleven or More

Question 8:

I've been thinking about adding a "Previous Issue/Next Issue" set of buttons on each description page. Are you A. For It or B. Don't Care.

Question 9:

Please rate this site on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the worst, 10 being the best. Tell me briefly what you like or dislike, if you wish.

Question 10:

Which comics titles would you like to see most on the site? List your top five.

Thanks for your help!