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Marvel Triple Action #42, June 1978. "To Tame A Titan!" Originally presented in Avengers #50. Written by Roy Thomas, art by John Buscema, letters by Sam Rosen.

Hawkeye and Goliath are arguing about the events of last issue while the Wasp tries to break it up. Jan points out that arguing won't get Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch back. Hawkeye's also distracted with thoughts of the Black Widow, who's on a vacation without him. Since the Avengers don't know where to look for Pietro and Wanda, Goliath suggests they look for Hercules, and they use the homing beam in the Quinjet to find where he is.

However, Herc's not with his Quinjet... instead, he's in another world, banished there by Typhon. As he tries to find his way, he encounters and defeats a Erinnye, and moments later, discovers the missing Olympians. Ares dismisses the arrival of the Prince of Power, saying he cannot help, but Zeus believes otherwise. After learning that Herc was sent there by Typhon, Zeus is able to send Hercules back because he is both man and god.

Meanwhile, in the Mediterranean, Typhon launches an attack against a U.S. Navy destroyer. The ship returns fire, and as Typhon is about to destroy them with Promethean fire from his battle-axe, we learn that Hawkeye, Goliath and the Wasp have arrived on the scene, and the archer uses a magnetic arrow to clamp onto the axe. Typhon takes hold of the line and pulls Hawkeye down, where he is stunned. Above, Goliath realizes the Wasp's stings wouldn't be able to hurt Typhon, so he orders an army of ants to dig the earth out underneath the Titan, causing him to stumble and fall. Taking advantage of the distraction, Goliath rescues Hawkeye. The Wasp warns him Typhon's going to attack again, and Goliath tries desperately to grow, but it's no use... his powers of growth are still gone. However, he can still shrink, and he does so, appearing as if he has vanished.

Suddenly, Hercules arrives, demanding that he take on Typhon alone. The Avengers stand aside as the Prince of Power wades into the Titan, but when Typhon is about to clobber Herc, Hawkeye, who has recovered, launches a smoke arrow to allow his teammate a chance to avoid the blow. The battle rages on between Titan and Demi-God, but Herc is now emboldened, and finally knocks Typhon out. Herc tells the trio that he will be leaving the Avengers, and shall return Typhon to Olympus in order that Zeus may mete out just punishment. Arriving at the home of the gods, Hercules drops the battle-axe into the divine brazier, relighting the Promethean Flame where it belongs, and simultaneously returing the Gods to Olympus.

Zeus sentences Typhon to the pit of Hades, and then there is cause for celebration. Hercules is pleased to have returned home, but his thoughts still go back to his teammates, as he realizes that he shall ever be... an Avenger!

Meanwhile, back at Avengers Mansion, Hawk, the Wasp and Goliath renew their promise that until they can free Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch from Magneto, there shall still be three who come running when the call rings out... Avengers Assemble!

Okay, on to the ads... show of hands, everyone... how many of you remember when Hostess not only used super-heroes to promote their pastries, but also put trading cards in bread to get kids to beg their parents to buy Wonder Bread? Anyone? I have to admit I'd forgotten about the set mentioned in this ad, licensed cards from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Plus, the ad also features a coupon you could fill out and mail in with come cash to join the CE3K Skywatchers! What a deal, eh? I wonder what a complete set of those cards would be worth today?

On to something completely different... recognize the item in this ad? In the late 60's, it was probably promoted as either a "James Bond Spy Scope," a "Man from U.N.C.L.E. Spy Scope," or even a "Get Smart! Spy Scope" for all I know. What is it? It's a miniature telescope built into a pen (well, the size of a pen, anyway).

Now, does anyone else besides me think that some of the guys who ordered this thing were planning on using it to be Peeping Toms with a reduced chance of getting caught? I somehow can't see too many people ordering it so they can see across the Grand Canyon (that's what binoculars are for, right?).

Besides, it does say "Secret Agent Spy Scope!" They're telling you to use it for spying!

Hmmm... the company that sold it is based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida... home of Spring Break.... interesting coincidence, that...

Anyway, time for the spiel... do you have some or all of the CE3K Wonder Bread cards or maybe a Secret Agent Spy Scope? Then you belong in these pages! Get a photo of yourself with either item and send me a scan of it, along with any story you might have about the item, and I'll add your picture and story in these pages somewhere!