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Marvel Triple Action #41, April 1978. "Mine Is The Power" Originally presented in Avengers #49. Written by Roy Thomas, pencilled by John Buscema, lettered by Artie Simek, edited by Stan Lee, cover uncredited but likely Buscema.

Captain America has resigned from the Avengers, Goliath (the former Giant-Man/Ant-Man), the Wasp and Hawkeye are searching for the missing Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch, who were kidnapped by Magneto, and Hercules is at Mount Olympus.

Herk is distraught to find Mt. Olympus is deserted. He soon runs into Typhon, one of the Titans whom Zeus had exiled eons ago. Typhon announces that he was the one who rid Olympus of the gods, through the use of the Promethean Flame, which he destroyed, absorbing the Flame into his battleaxe. He taunts Hercules, saying there is nothing the Prince of Power can do.

Meanwhile, Magneto's airship takes Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch to a rockbound island in the Atlantic. His lackey, the Toad, tries to convince Magneto that they don't need the siblings, and Quicksilver says he and his sister will never rejoin the Master of Magnetism. Shortly after emerging from the ship and into the island, the island sinks, while inside, the Avengers are surprised to see a vast, sprawling mechanical complex, powered by magnetically-induced perpetual motion.

Wanda acknowledges Pietro's bitterness towards how he has been treated by Homo Sapiens, but reminnds him of his Avengers oath. Magneto notices this, nd claims that he no longer desires to dominate Homo Sapiens, but instead, wishes his island to become a refuge for mutantkind. Pietro challenges Magneto to prove it, and he says he shall if they accompany him to the United Nations.

A short time later, Magneto's ship arrives at the U.N. building, and they enter. Hawkeye and Goliath see this on TV. The Master of Magnetism approaches the front of the chamber, and demands that the mutants of the world be given a seperate nation of their own with full veto rights in the U.N. Security Council... only then may there be peace between the two races. As Magneto expects, his demand is refused, and the cry is raised to expel him from the chamber. Magneto hurls a microphone towards the first to raise their voice against him, but it's smashed by a diamond-tipped arrow... an arrow launched by Hawkeye!

The archer's not affected when Magneto tries to affect him, due to Hawk's replacing every part of his costume with synthetic parts. Hawkeye, on the otherhand, is able to swing across and kick down Magneto, tossing the Toad into a wall as well. As Goliath and the Wasp enter to help, Magneto notices the guards aiming their pistols at him, and he uses his mutant power to re-aim one of the guard's guns, so that it fires and hits Wanda, grazing her temple. Pietro is suddenly wild-eyed, screaming that it was Humans who did this to his sister. Magneto sees Goliath approaching Pietro, attempting to reason with his teammate, but what Magneto says is that Goliath is lunging from behind. Distraught, Pietro hits his partner at super-speed. Hawkeye entangles the fleet-footed mutant with a rope arrow, but Pietro's not out of it yet, spinning into Hawkeye and then freeing himself. The two male Avengers down, the delegates allow the mutants to leave, but the Wasp tries to convince Pietro to listen to him. But Pietro's anger is so great that he will not listen. Magneto takes Jan out of action with a magnetically-thrown fountain pen, and the mutants flee in Magneto's aircraft.

Later, at Avengers Mansion, the trio muses over the events of the day, save for Goliath, who realizes he can no longer grow, but only shrink. Hawk's main concern is that without Cap and Hercules gone, the Avengers may be through.

Meanwhile, back at Olympus, Typhon attacks the Prince of Power, who gives as good as he gets until Typhon summons Tartaro from the Worlds Beyond to attack the Son of Zeus.. However, it's not olong before Herc kills his opponent, but Typhon is gone to Zeus' palace. When Herc approaches Typhon there, the Titan blasts him with his battle-axe, sending him to another world, a land of shadowy mists. Hercules gone, Typhon decides that his next conquest shall be.... Earth!

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