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The Incredible Hulk #238, August 1979. "Post Hulk... Post Holocaust!" Written by Roger Stern, pencilled by Sal Buscema, inked by Jack Abel, lettered by John Costanza, colored by Glynis Wein, edited by Al Milgrom. Cover by Bob Layton.

President Jimmy Carter, California Governor Jerry Brown, and Clay Quartermain of S.H.I.E.L.D., along with Senator Hawk, survey the damage from the Hulk's onslaught on Central City from the last few issues. Carter promises this won't happen again, and he leaves the city with Hawk and Quartermain to discuss the restructuring of Gamma Base.

Meanwhile, the Hulk is in the Saskatchewan after the events of the 1979 Hulk Annual, making his own pathway through a field of wheat when he comes upon a road. Following the road, the Hulk comes to a gas station, where a man and his daughter are picking up some groceries. When the father sees the Hulk, he decides to distract Jade-Jaws by crashing his truck into the monster (the guy's concerned for his daughter). This has about as much effect as a sneeze on a hurricane, and the father falls out of the truck just before the Hulk crushes it and flings it far away. As the Hulk turns to face the father, the guy's dautghter runs between her dad and Greenskin, begging the Hulk not to hurt her father. The Hulk decides not to smash, and leaps aaway.

Elsewhere, the Hulk is being watched by shadowy figures ("We-Who-Are-They") who decide the Hulk can supply the power they need (they've already discarded Spider-Man, Hercules, Thor, Nova, the Molten Man, and some guy with an Eye for a head).

A week later, the Hulk is still leaping, and decides to stop for the night to rest... atop Mount Rushmore! He's spotted by a Forest Ranger.

Meanwhile, at Gamma Base, Air Force One is preparing to take off, having dropped off Senator Hawk and Agent Quartermain. The two start discussing plans for Gamma Base when they spot Doc Samson pushing General Ross in a wheelchair. Sampson has resigned as head of the Base, and put in an application for medical leave for Thunderbolt Ross (whom, as you'll recall, was suffering a nervous breakdown brought on by Moonstone). Quartermain regrets Samson is leaving, and so is "Kropotkin the Great," a magician who's been hanging around the base -- he decides to beat it before he's thrown off. A soldier alerts Hawk and Quartermain that the Hulk's been spotted on Mt. Rushmore.

Meanwhile, a man in a trenchcoat arrives at a workshop in Brooklyn run by the Tinkerer to pick up his new bug-ship (which looks like a gigantic golden spider-tracer). The man pays the Tinkerer in gold bullion, an appropriate method of payment for... The Goldbug! The Tinkerer is curious as to how the Goldbug came up with some circuitry concepts and what kind of power source he'll be using, but the villain blows him off before leaving to track down his target: The Hulk!

Finally, in Mexico City, Betty Ross and Major Glenn Talbot finalize their divorce when Betty finds out about her father's breakdown. She hurries off as Talbot muses that Betty never loved him like she loved Bruce Banner, and that Banner and the Hulk ruined his marriage, even though each persona has saved his life before. Talbot's anguish begins to burn and fester...

And yes, the ad of the issue (actually the first of two ads this time around) is another Heroes World one, which are inherently cool to begin with, but the coolness factor gets upped by the inclusion of the Mego World's Greatest Superheroes figures, as well as Marvel-style Hot Wheels and Yo-Yos. *Sigh*... Less than five bucks for figures that go for much, much higher than that these days... if only I'd known then what I know now...

Lest you think that only Marvel-related superhero toys were advertised in Marvel comics, this Corgi ad shows a whole line of Superman-related vehicles... Corgi is probably best known amongst collectors of comics stuff for their Batmobile, Batboat and Batcopter pieces of the 1960's, based on the Adam West "Batman" tv series. The "Super-Mobile" shown in this ad was actually used in the comics, believe it or not, for situations when Superman was going to be powerless on his own (like visiting Red Sun worlds and the like).

Again, if you've got these items in your collection (especially the vehicles... Megos are still relatively easy to come by), take a picture of you with the loot, scan it, and send it to me with any story you want to tell about the pieces, and it'll be added to this page.