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The Incredible Hulk #234, April 1979. "Battleground: Berkeley!" Written by Roger Stern, pencilled by Sal Buscema, inked by Jack Abel, lettered by John Costanza, colored by Elaine Heinl, edited by Al Milgrom, cover by Al Milgrom.

We open with Fred Sloan and the Hulk arriving at Trish Starr's house, where Fred is surprised that Trish and the Hulk already know each other. Trish tells Fred that since they last saw each other, she'd gotten involved with a plot by her uncle, Egghead, which she got rescued from by Ant-Man, then she got involved with Nighthawk for a while, losing an arm in an explosion, then she left Nighthawk for Nevada, where experimenting with mysticism got her into a mess the Defenders had to help her out of.

At Gamma Base, Marvel Man is meeting with Senator Hawk and Clay Quartermain of SHIELD, where he tells them he's heading out to head up security on Project Pegasus, and to call him Quasar from now on. Elsewhere at the base, Doc Samson is keeping an eye on General Ross, who's still recovering from the nervous breakdown triggered by Moonstone in #229.

In Mexico City, meanwhile, Glenn Talbot and Betty are having drinks. Glenn's trying to talk Betty out of divorcing him, but she does't figure they stand much of a chance.

Back at Berkely, CA, the Hulk is eathing his way through house and home, much to the disappointment and anger of some of Trish Starr's roommates. The Hulk gets pissed at them for talking about them like he's not there, and smashes the kitchen table. Trish calms the Hulk down long enough to get him to a bed to rest, while Fred lectures his fellow hippies about how they're not living up to their own standards anymore. Fred leaves to talk to Trish about the Hulk, but little do they know that one of the roommates has decided to call a policeman to tell him where the Hulk is. However, this cop really works for the Corporation! Mr. Jackson, who runs the west coast branch, realizes he's got a way to deal with two pains in his side, the Hulk and... Machine Man!

The next morning, Corporation goons attack the commune, gassing everyone. One goon, disguised as Machine Man, tells the Hulk if he wants to see Trish alive again, he has to be at Peter Spaulding's house in Central City later that day. Eventually, the paralyzing gas wears off, and the Hulk smashes his way out of the house, taking Fred with him, yelling, "Hulk will fight Machine Man, all right! Hulk will SMASH HIM INTO THE GROUND!"

Note: Kurt Busiek, modern-day Avengers and Astro City writer, has yet another letter in this issue!

The Ad of the Issue is from Heroes World, a company that used to have several store locations in New Jersey and New York, carrying all sorts of cool super-hero stuff. I still remember finding one of their comic-book-sized catalogs in a quarter box some years back... great stuff!

Anyway, the stuff the were pushing here weren't all that cool... suck as the Spidey and Hulk chalk boards, but the Marvel Figurine Painting Kit (which I've never seen - choose from the Hulk or Spidey), the Superhero Hang-Ups (your choice of Hulk, Spidey, Batman, Superman or Wonder Woman - Yeah, guess you had to have a live-action TV show to get the best licensees in those days), the Mighty Marvel and DC stickers, Superhero Pens, and Patches were all cool stuff! The Patches had the biggest variety of them all, given they had Shang-Chi, an Invaders Logo, Green Arrow, a Defenders Logo, Conan, Powerman, etc. At only $1 each, or five for $4.00 (plus shipping and handling, natch!) they were a heck of a deal!

Again, if you bought or still have any of this stuff, take a photo with you and the stuff, and send me a scan along with any stories you might have about how you got them, and I'll add it to this page!