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The Incredible Hulk #231. January 1979 issue. "Prelude!" Written by Roger Stern, pencilled by Sal Buscema, inked by Mike Esposito, lettered by Annette K., colored by Bob Sharen, edited by Jo Duffy, civver by Herb Trimpe.

The Hulk wanders into Gilbert, California where he stumbles upon a barroom flight between Fred Sloane, a hippy, and a man in a uniform jacket. Assuming the uniformed man is a soldier, the Hulk takes Fred's side, which ends the fight pretty fast. Grateful, Fred offers the Hulk a place to sleep for the night.

Meanwhile, at Gamma Base, Senator Hawk arrives to investigate with Senator Eugene K. Stivak. They meet with Doc Samson, Clay Quartermain of S.H.I.E.L.D., and Dr. Karla Sofen (who's really Moonstone, lately of the Thunderbolts). During the conversation, Stivak says the word "baying," which is Moonstone's Corporation code-phrase (the Corporation was a major player in the Marvel titles of this time). Stivak and Hawk want to know why Gamma Base isn't doing anything about the Hulk!

Meanwhile, the Hulk wakes up at Fred's house to the smell of breakfast being cooked. He walks into the kitchen and finds Fred's girlfriend Ilsa making scrambled eggs with beans. Ilsa freaks out and leaves, calling the police. Fred and the Hulk get into Fred's van and flee.

At Gamma Base, word gets to the assembled crew there via Jim Wilson, and Stivak, Sofen and Jim fly out to see if they can reason with the Hulk in an attempt at a possible cure. However, after they're in flight, Stivak gasses Jim and reveals himself to be with the Corporation to Moonstone.

Meanwhile, the Hulk and Fred approach a roadblock. Fred tries to disguise the Green Goliath with an old hat and blanket, but a cop spots the Hulk's green skin. The Hulk fights the cops, smashing a police car or two, and as the cops run away on foot, the Hulk gets back into Fred's van and they drive off... to a crossover with Captain America #230!

Note: Kurt Busiek (Avengers and Astro City writer these days) has a letter in this issue!

The ad of the issue this time around features Remco's "Energized Spider-Man," possibly the least poseable action figure of all time! Note that Spidey's locked into position, not able to move a muscle! But he's Energized to climb! To Pull! To Lift! To Throw Light! To Power his Spidercopter! His WHAT?!? How the heck is he supposed to operate that thing when he can't move?

Still, as silly as this thing is, I wanted one of 'em, and I've occasionally seen one at comics and toy shows. Never seen one of the Energized Green Goblins, though! If you've got one of these, and have a neat story about it, send me a picture of you with the toy to and I'll add it to this page!