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Green Lantern/Green Arrow -- The Ring-Slinger and the Bow-Slinger... It seemed like such a natural combination (after all, they're both using "Green" in their hero names, right?), but it wasn't until the classic Neal Adams/Denny O'Neill series that the natural pairing finally occurred.

Of course, I don't have those issues here.

However, I do have some of the later issues of the 70s, when the pairing continued. Now, I always liked Hal Jordan... probably because he held Ultimate Power... or rather, wore it. You can do anything with the Power Ring (unless you're dealing with yellow stuff)... so long as your will is strong enough! is that cool or what? Plus, Hal was a good guy... and his original series was drawn by Gil Kane... what more do you need to know to figure out Hal was cool? Then again, the current GL, Kyle Rayner, finally got my wife to start reading comics, so I guess he can't be all bad...

Green Arrow earned his "cool" factor by having some of his stories drawn by Jack Kirby. The law is, any character Jack Kirby draws a story with has a 99 percent chance of being cool. Plus, GA got to be manufactured as a Mego action figure in the 70s, something Hal never pulled off (Hal had to wait until the 80's "Super Powers" series to get an action figure... and Ollie got to be one, too). Plus, both Hal and Ollie are being made as modern-day "Mego" style figures in their Silver Age costumes, so there you go!

Of course, I can't mention the two characters in the title without mentioning oft-featured co-star Black Canary. Blonde, statuesque, and she wore fishnets. Definitely cool. Definitely hot. Definitely needed to be cover-featured more often!

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