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Green Lantern/Green Arrow #114, March 1979. "The Crimes of the Crumbler!" Written by Denny O'Neill, pencils by Alex Savuik, inks by Dave Hunt, letters by Ben Oda, colors by Adrienne Roy, edited by Jack C. Harris, cover by Savuik and Dick Giordano.

Green Lantern (Hal Jordan) flies over the countryside, towing his big rig truck via power ring. Below him, Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) waits nearby what a tanker trailer filled with liquid gas. GL lowers his truck and attaches it to the trailer while GA lectures him on how dangerous it is. Hal Jordan has taken the job of driving this load because in an emergency he can become GL. The Emerald Archer is angry at Hal (GL changed id's via ring) because he feels the load shouldn't be taken on the roads no way no how.

Hal drives off, and about six hours later, he agrees with GA that it's a bad idea to drive that load in such bad weather. A quarter of a mile ahead, a man in a costume vaguely reminiscent of the old Batman villain the Cluemaster stands at a bridge. One hand, covered in a high-tech glove, glows with power, and when he touches the bridge, it vanishes into dust. A bulldozer on the bridge falls into the valley below, just ahead of where Hal is driving. The bulldozer hits the truck, and Hal leaps out of the cab, changing into GL. He power-rings the truck upright again, and moves the bulldozer away, but an idiot construction worker smoking a cigar wanders close to Hal's truck.

The Emerald Gladiator surrounds the truck with a power-ringed force field just in time, and the construction worker runs away. GL then takes a moment to recharge his ring in the nearby woods, but suddenly, a tree falls, striking him in the head (I know, the ring's supposed to automatically protect him). We discover that the man in the costume caused the tree to hit GL.

Later, at Oliver Queen's apartment in Star City, Dinah Drake Lance (Black Canary) tells Ollie that GL is in the hospital. Shortly, at the accident site, Green Arrow and Black Canary arrive to investigate. As they begin to examine the truck, Alexander Percy Tuttle, of Tuttle Industries (who is building a vacation village in the area) doesn't want them near the truck. GA tells Black Canary to stick around and use her feminine charms on Tuttle to get some more information while he checks on Green Lantern. Sixteen hours have gone by since the force field was established...

At the hospital, GA finds that GL has a bad concussion, and will likely be muddled for a few days, with probable short-term amnesia. The costumed villain watches them through a window. Hal stirs momentarily as GA leaves his room, trying to tell him... something.

Outside, Green Arrow spots the costumed villain on a rooftop, and tries to trap him in a snare arrow, but the man touches the net and turns it into dust. GA tries to approach the villain, but the villain touches the rooftop and causes Ollie to fall to the floor below. By the time he regains the roof, the villain is gone. On the floor below, Hal has gotten out of bed, and tries to convince the nurse he has to warn them about the force field, but she takes him back to bed before he passes out again.

Green Arrow returns to the accident site, and finds out from Black Canary that Tuttle's been having trouble meeting his payroll, and his company is on the verge of banruptcy. Tuttle returns then, and tries to have two goons run GA and BC away, but the duo easily take them out. Tuttle then reveals that he's the costumed villain, and calls himself the Crumbler, able to cancel the force that binds atoms together! The Crumber approaches the duo, about to crumble them, when Hal arrives. He warns Ollie that when his ring's charge wears out, the force field will vanish. When GL tries to re-establish the force field, he's too woozy to concentrate.

At that moment, the field fades out, and a fire built by the construction workers is too close! GA rushes to the fire and throws snow over it to put it out. GA orders everyone away, and not to do anything that could cause a spark. Meanwhile, GL's mask is beginning to fade, and GA wants his partner back in the hospital to recover. Black Canary notices that the Crumbler's escaped in the confusion.

Here's something a little different to sink your virtual teeth into... a blown-up version of one of the half-page ad sections that used to be fairly common. I don't think I need to explain it too much... but notice the ad for a comic catalogue, the inevitable X-Ray Spex ad, and the Super Powers ad, promising to be able to give you powers... like anyone past puberty would believe it!

This one here, obviously advertising the phenomenal "Superman The Movie," requires nothing more in the way of commentary from me... I just think it's a great ad!