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Freedom Fighters #5, Nov-Dec 1976. "The Rise and Fall of King Samson" Written by Bob Rozakis, pencilled by Ramona Fradon, inked by Vince Colletta, colored by Liz Berube, lettered by Milt Snapinn, edited by Tony Isabella, cover by Rick Buckler and Colletta.

Guest-star Wonder Woman has been turned into silver by King Samson wielding the Silver Ghost's glove! Uncle Sam, Phantom Lady and the Human Bomb carry her away from where King Samson is on a rampage, remembering that Samson has the power to destroy New York City with his glove, and that only Wonder Woman knew how to stop it.

The Phantom Lady finally remembers that the Amazon's not permanently "dead," and that they can restore her, as they did some of their teammates when the same thing happened to them in issue #1. The Human Bomb tells the Phantom Lady to tie one end of the Golden Lasso (turned into Silver last issue) to Wonder Woman, and to tie the other end to King Samson when he gives the word.

The Human Bomb distracts Samson long enough to tell PL to tie the lasso to Samson, and then she becomes intangible so Samson can't touch her. The Bomb then takes off his protective glove, and hits Samson's powered glove with all his might, sending the explosive force. The feedback along the lasso not only turns the lasso back to normal, but it also cures Wonder Woman!

However, Samson takes the lasso off his wrist, and the energy backlash blasts Uncle Sam and Wonder Woman, then shoots across the skies where it strikes the corpse of the Silver Ghost in the city morgue... and then, the Silver Ghost lives!

Back at the battle, Wonder Woman is still unconscious, so Sam decides to take her back to their HQ so she can recover while PL and the Bomb keep Samson busy. Back in jail, where the Black Condor, the Ray and Doll Man are being held, a journalist arrives to interview them... and by sheer coincidence, she is Earth-1's Martha Roberts, a doppelganger of Doll Man's girlfriend from Earth-X, who died a long time ago. Martha reiterates what's happened over the past several issues up to the apparent death of Wonder Woman last issue, something the DA jumps on big-time. The Black Condor gets P.O.ed at this, saying if they'd all been able to go after King Samson, WW might still be alive.

Suddenly, the Doll Man sees the Silver Ghost flying past the jail, so the three Freedom Fighters decide they need to break out in case the villain's going to attack their teammates. They break out, and head off. The Ghost knows that Samson has his glove, and he must stop Samson, or his plan to reclaim Manhattan for his family will fail! The Ghost takes advantage of the fight between Samson and the Bomb & Phantom Lady to get his glove back, first turning it on Samson. When the smoke clears, the Ray, Condor and Doll Man have arrived, but they see the Ghost is there, and he's more powerful than ever!

Uncle Sam arrives and tries to lend a hand, but it doesn't go well for the Freedom Fighters... save that the Doll Man suddenly exhibits telekinesis! The DA arrives then and announces they're all under arrest, but the Ghost has already fled. The Freedom Fighters don't want to be arrested, so they fight their way free.

Later, in the DA's office, DA Pearson is ready to milk the death of Wonder Woman for all it's worth when the Amazon Princess arrives, and tells him they saved her life. Meanwhile, in an alley, the Freedom Fighters realize they have to find the Silver Ghost before the authorities find them.

All-righty, then, that's it for the story, now for the ads! Here's one from Nabisco promoting free sports tickets in their candies... well, tickets for Pro Soccer, Tennis, Track, Volleyball, Basketball and Hockey, as well as Minor League Baseball (yeah, big deal... the tickets for one kid 13 or younger when accompanied by a paying adult, and seats have to be available first).

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So, this was a "theme" set of ads for candy, and I seriously doubt anyone's got old free tickets or the Charms magic set, so I won't do my usual spiel...