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Freedom Fighters #4, Sept-Oct 1976. "The Left Hand of Oblivion" Written by Martin Pasko, drawn by Ramoda Fradon Fradon, inked by Vince Colletta, lettered by Ben Oda, colored by Liz Berube, edited by Gerry Conway, cover by Ernie Chua.

In the lobby of the United Nations building in New York City, the Freedom Fighters (Uncle Sam, Black Condor, Phantom Lady, The Human Bomb, The Ray and Doll Man), refugees on Earth-1 from Earth-X, burst through intending to claim diplomatic immunity from a prior arrest, given they represent their Earth. A guards and police try to stop them, but a judo flip from Uncle Sam, blinding bursts from the Ray, blows by Doll Man, and the blinding black-light beam of the Phantom Lady drive them back long eough for the Black Condor to fly his teammates into the general assembly council, save for the Human Bomb, who holds them at bay by threatening to blow up the building with his explosive touch.

Meanwhile, several floors above, Diana (Wonder Woman) Prince hears that the general assembly session has been invaded by super-powered fugitives. She makes way to a translator's booth overlooking the chamber and recognizes the Freedom Fighters from a prior meeting with District Attorney Pearson. The DA had asked Wonder Woman's help in arresting the FFers, who are charged with helping the terrorist Silver Ghost in destroying $1 million in property. She first refused, but when threatened with deportation back to Paradise Island, she agrees to help.

Diana changes into Wonder Woman and enters the chamber. Sam doesn't recognize the Amazon Princess, and he orders the Ray to stop her, but Wonder Woman deflects the rays with her bracelets. The Phantom Lady is then sent to deal with WW, but she's caught in the Golden Lasso, barely becoming intangible before her will is completely sapped. However, becoming tangible again makes her vulnerable to a throw into a table. The Black Condor and the other Freedom Fighters are angered at this, and move in for the attack, but Wonder Woman catches them all in her lasso, and she escorts them to the Invisible Jet, explaining she'd read about them in the Justice League casebook, and she's on their side. Sam explains that they had to help the Silver Ghost destroy the buildings in issue #2 or he would have killed three of them. But now the Ghost is dead, and it's impossible to clear them.

Meanwhile, a man wanders the streets in an overcoat. Passing by an old woman who reminds him of his mother, he touches her, and transforms her into a puddle of liquid silver. This causes him to remember his name is King Samson, and the Silver Ghost had promised to make him a king. However, the Ghost died before he could do so, so Samspon salvaged what he could of the Ghost's costume... a single glove. Trying the glove, Samson turned a tulip into pure silver, and then went hom to see his mother. Unfortunately, when he embraced his mother, he transformed her into silver and she shattered. Now, Samson blames the Freedom Fighters for the death of his mother and he vows to make them pay.

Back at the Freedom Fighters, they're at the DA's office, and the Ray, Black Condor and Doll Man are going into prison, while Uncle Sam, the Phantom Lady and the Human Bomb are allowed to stay free to work with Wonder Woman in an attempt to clear themselves. WW decides to beam up to the JLA satellite and see if the scanners there can locate any of the Ghost's henchmen. She meets Aquaman there on monitor duty, and they discover someone's using the Silver Ghost's devices in New York! She beams back down to the DA's office, and tells the free FFers about the person using the Ghost's glove, and that the glove is acting unpredictably because of damage it sustained during their battle with the Ghost in a previous issue... it could even explode.

Explode it does... or rather, it causes the building Samson is in to explode ou;twards. The Freedom Fighters move in with Wonder Woman to help out the endangered civilians, and then the Phantom Lady and Wonder Woman close in on Samson. Samson breaks the Golden Lasso, then he hits Wonder Woman with his gloved hand. The Human Bomb wants to go after Samson, but Sam warns him that the interaction of the glove and the Bomb's own powers could further weaken the bedrock Manhattan rests on, causing it to come apart at the seams! Meanwhile, Wonder Woman was the only person who knew how to stop Samson, but she's dead!

Okay, first ad this time around doesn't have much comment from me... I had to include this because, well, how often did a Rolling Stones album get advertised in a comic book? I have no idea what songs are on it, but...hey, it's cool, right?

Speaking of cool... well, maybe the Revolutionary War soliders weren't that cool, but it was certainly one of the perennial ads (well, I believe they rotated 'em around). 204 soldiers for two and a quarter... what a deal!

So... do you have either the Rolling Stones "Black and Blue" album, or maybe the Revolutionary War Soldiers? You do? Then send me a photo of 'em, preferably with yourself in the shot too! Oh, and don't forget to tell me anything you have to say about it... how you got it in the first place, what it means to you, whatever... I'll add it to the site!